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Why blog? What's the point?

I know we all buy from the web now, it's second nature isn't it and a way of life we have all got used to.

But, I want to give that bricks and mortar feeling to The Sarky Cow; I think it comes from my previous life as a retail florist. I really enjoyed engaging with the local community, being part of their most happy times and helping them in their darkest times. I chatted at the door of my shop with the locals, at the counter with the customers and in the back with my colleagues. I really got to know people, and they got to know me and it felt good to be part of a community.

So, whilst I know that relationship isn't totally possible, I do want you all to know that there is a real person behind this business, someone who actually cares that you love your design, someone who cares if it reaches you on time and someone who altogether gives a damn. I want you to be wowed at the design you receive, or if, in the worst case scenario, you are not for any reason, know that I am here and care and want to fix it.

Luckily, through my other selling platforms and via email, I have already had some giggles with customers, shared stories about pets and helped out the odd husband who needed a thoughtful but funny card at the very last minute..(who knew?) Some have just said some lovely words after a tough day and have made me feel so much better without even realising. Carry on with that by the way, I honestly do love to chat.

And, with all of this in mind, I will make this blog as eclectic as my personality and probably yours, sometimes I will be serious, and other times I may be daft. I hope to show you new products, tell you where the business is up to and hopefully ask you to engage with your thoughts. I want to give ideas of how to use my products in quirky and innovative ways and I would love to see how you do use them in real life.  I really do want your feedback, some of my best product developements or intiatives have come from a seed idea that a customer planted.

Anyway, that's the reason why, in a nutshell I wanted to add the blog, hopefully it will give you a sense of realness (is that even a word) to the whole Sarky vibe.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, that's what I am here for.

Till next time.

Paula :)

By the way, this is me. Just so you can put a name to the real and actual 'Sarky Cow'.


Sarky HQ



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