I freakin love stationery do you?
Thanks so much for visiting us in our small shiny corner of the web, I really appreciate it. If you would like to know a bit about us, please read on but if not, you just crack on with browsing and get in touch if you have any questions.

So who are we?
The Sarky Cow is a fun and playful stationery based business offering designs that are all personalised with character in mind. From notebooks, to funny cards, colourful customised pencils to amusing and quirky prints. Established in 2017, the business continues to go from strength to strength and with customers at the heart of everything, the promise is to give you a million, trillion, gazillion percent effort (and never, ever ever to exaggerate).

The Inspiration
I love people who love stationery and the inspiration behind our collections is always to provide unique, playful and quirky designs, with quality and detail in mind. I want to provide gifts that make people feel special, gifts that are fun yet practical and all round are just that little bit different than what you find on the high street. You will rarely find something in our shop that others sell, I am not that gal and never will be.

All designs are started from scratch in The Sarky Cow design space and each component is carefully sourced from business' in the UK, from Brighton to Leeds, Nottingham and Scotland.  I am a very loyal buyer and have built up great relationships with my suppliers meaning that your purchase is not only helping my business, but my suppliers too.

And I do understand you have not got forever to wait for your stuff so I aim for designs to be designed, made and packaged within 3 working days. Sometimes during busy times this can stretch to 5 working days but rarely is it longer than that. You do have to wait for Postman Pat to get it to you though, so you do have to be a teeny bit patient.

Customer Service
Now, I do love a good joke, I really do, but I take customer service very seriously and you, the customer, really do come first here at The Sarky Cow. My aim is to please please please, but I am not naive and do realise that occasionally we may not meet your expectations. And, this is why you will never be met with a defensive nature, I will always listen to your feedback and will always try to make things right if you feel things have gone wrong somewhere. That is my personal promise to you. Hey, if you want to get in touch to tell me we are fab, you are very welcome to do this too.

Mostly, I love company so thanks for so much for visiting. Please get in touch if you have any questions at all, that is what I'm here for...

Till then...