Nurse Gift Ideas

Nurse Gift Ideas

If you are looking for nurse gift ideas, I think we have quite a few good ones here.  From nurse journals and notebooks to mugs and cards, we even have the full set of gift bag, badges and wine labels.  It is so much more fun to get a personalised gift ( I know I am biased), but really, for the extra special and thoughtful nurse present, you have to go personal.

When I was designing the nurse collections, I had in mind that as nursing is such a personal career, it was only right that I did not produce a gift with a random nurse image,  No, it had to be something that resembled the nurse her or himself (because we do include males nurses, even though we know you are outnumbered guys..). 

After a while, I found the right options, including both scrubs and tunics, and along with 4 skin colours and hundreds of hair colours, I think we have everthing covered.

Nurse Gift Options

As you can see, we have catered for hopefully all types of nurses including district nurses, student nurses, adult nurses along with mental healt and children nurses.  Obviously I can't list them here, I know there are some really specialist nurses out there in ICU etc, so if I have missed you out and you have a uniform in mind that you think I could help with, get in touch, that is what I am here for honestly.

As with a lot of my other collections the idea comes from something personal or an experience or situation I have had or observed. With the nursing inparticular, it comes from my daughter.  She has recently graduated as a nurse and I had the pleasure of watching her graduate.  It was one of those 'proud parent moments', we love so much as mums.  It took me a week to thaw out from the freezing cold cathedral but that is another story, I am often being accused of being nesh..

Throughout her student days, she loved her placements and met some fab people along the way.  She was mostly touched by district work though and loved the idea of helping those within the community who are alone and being part of a district team.  Well, true to form with her, she has landed well and truly butter side up, because her manager and her team mates just seem like such a lovely bunch.  All have welcomed her and if you are a parent, you know that when your kids are happy, we are happy..   I know this is very self indulgent but I want this blog to reflect the real side of The Sarky Cow, and being a mum is part of that.  My son is part of the plumber gang, so when I chat about my workmen collection, he will get a mention too.

Nurse Cards

Nurse Notebooks

Click on the images above I have linked them to the categories you need to look at for all of the necessary info if you would like to learn more.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope to be blogging again soon about collections you might be interested in.

But for now, ttfn.. you know where I am if you need me, get in touch.

Paula :)



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